Concerto M762 BGMI
The best thing about BGMI Mobile is the range of attractive outfits that you can grab. These skin suits are sick and one of the reasons why some players want to complete events. The latest addition to the collection of X suits is the Blood Raven X-suit. This one comes after the Pharaoh X suit that became hugely popular with the last event. BGMI Mobile will introduce the Blood Raven X-suit during the upcoming event where players can grab more collectibles.Check out its appearance, price, and how to get the BGMI Mobile’s M762 Concerto of Love skin on the article below.
In an official announcement on Twitter, BGMI Mobile said, “Blood raven is the destroyer of evil and protector of the weak. An ordinary human, the Blood Raven dons the suit to fight injustice and crimes to help those in need.”
The Blood Raven X-suit is available only during the Blood Raven event. The event will be live between April 17 and April 25, which means you have only about a week’s time to get this suit. The suit is upgradeable to six levels, and at each level, you get different things to decorate the suit. Each level brings a range of new perks, but these are not cheap. For every level, you will have to spend a good deal of Unknown Cash (UC). The first one itself is pretty pricey, which is why you need to have a good stash of UCs in the game.