Ghillie Dragon Akm BGMI
BGMI Mobile has unveiled the new Chillie Dragon - AKM weapon skin that is up for grabs for players worldwide. It is the biggest reward in BGMI Mobile's Lucky Spin limited-time event, wherein it would only be available from February 22nd to March 14th. Here's all the information fans need to know about the BGMI Mobile Chillie Dragon - AKM weapon skin
As mentioned before, the only way players can get a hold of the primed weapon skin is by winning it on the Lucky Spin event in BGMI Mobile. Along with the brand new weapon skin set as the grand prize are the other available rewards gamers can obtain.
It includes a complete Ghillie Dragon set, a Ghillie Dragon Parachute, the Polar Explorer Set, a Cuddly Panda Backpack, Turkey Feast Backpack, Pochinkenstein Ornament, Winning Chicken Helmet, and a Snow Blush Headgear.