Godzilla Awm In BGMI
Krafton has always been very innovative during their collaborations & integration with various partners. This time too they have done some wonderful job as per their understanding with Godzilla vs. Kong. With the collabation of BGMI Mobile x Godzilla vs. Kong, Tencent will be adding a lots of skins and outfits in the game where Godzilla AWM skin is one of them. You can get this skin from the lucky spin area. Depends on your luck you will get the skin, as many as spin you are doing the cost of spin will be increasing.Check out its appearance, price, and how to get the BGMI Mobile’s M762 Concerto of Love skin on the article below.
The skin is based on the theme of King of Monsters, Godzilla where AWM’s skin contains cool blue stripe with scales. While using the gun it will release blue aura which is similar to Godzilla’s Atomic breath. The skin will be available for grab through Lucky spins from 15th May to 4th June, 2021. If you miss the chance to get the skin in this time period you will never get the skin again as this collabation only comes once.
Godzilla AWM Skin contains 7 level to upgrade where each level will unlock new feature of skin. There are some material requirements to upgrade the levels.