Moonlit Grace kar98k
After the Mini14 Penguin skin, this time, BGMI Mobile will have a new Lucky Spin event with Moonlit Grace for Kar98K. There are also Masked Swordsman, Sapphire Fairy Dress, and many more. Want to know how to get Moonlit Grace for Kar98K in PUBG Mobile? Find out here!Check out its appearance, price, and how to get the BGMI Mobile’s M762 Concerto of Love skin on the article below.
Hence the name, the interesting part of the Moonlit Grace Kar98K lies in the glowing purple effect akin to a galaxy. This skin also looks very elegant with white and gold.
Kar98K Moonlit Grace can be obtained from the Lucky Spin from January 27 to February 16, 2021. If you are lucky, you can get the epic item Kar98K Moonlit Grace. Here are the details of the UCs required to spin on the Lucky Spin: