Pharaoh X-Suit BGMI
For so many years, BGMIMobile has focussed on enhancing the gameplay by introducing new strategies, new maps, and, of course, the weaponry. It has paid only so much attention to what the player looks like in various outfits. BGMI Mobile is introducing its first upgradable outfit called the Golden Pharaoh X-Suit. It is a limited-time outfit that can be unlocked only for the ancient mode that is rolling out within the Erangel and Miramar maps. It is based on the ancient Egyptian ruler but with so many modern touches to it, such as the charcoal-coloured elements in the suit that have various functions.
The Golden Pharaoh X-Suit has three forms - basic, advanced, and final - which can be unlocked when exploring various crates within the ancient mode. The outfit is not cheap and will also need you to spend money on it for reaching the final form. The outfit comes with several emotes that are exclusive to it and will not be available on the rest of the outfits. The basic form needs specific tokens called Starfire Stone and Star Fragments from the crate. The final form has the golden wings, false hair and beard, shoulder pads with snake designs, and the chest armour. When a player wearing it dies, other players cannot pick it up.
BGMI Mobile recently rolled out the Livik map, which is a 4x4 Nordic map that required about 15 minutes of gameplay to finish and collect most rewards. The Livik map is still in beta and will be enhanced over time unless the stable version is released. The map brings new weapons and vehicles, including the monster truck.