BGMI Mobile brought players a time-limited crate to celebrate The Fool’s Day. The event will only last until April 30th, 2020. BGMI Mobile players can get a stunning and cool M416 skin named The Fool from this crate. Moreover, you can upgrade The Fool skin in the lab to get the bonus death effects.
This special skin has seven levels to upgrade, including Basic level, Kill Effect, Upgraded, Kill Message, Ultimate, Fool’s surprise, and Loot Crate. To upgrade The Fool skin, you need to collect materials and paints. You need a different number of paints and materials to upgrade the skin at different levels.
To upgrade the skin to the highest level and get the Loot Crate death effect, you have to pay a big sum of UC. The chance of getting enough material for skin upgrade is the same for all players. You need to spend money and effort to get the skin and upgrade it to the maximum level.